class nvtabular.ops.Dropna[source]

Bases: nvtabular.ops.operator.Operator

This operation detects and filters out rows with missing values.

Example usage:

# Use Dropna to define a NVTabular workflow
# Default is None and will check all columns
dropna_features = ['cat1', 'num1'] >> ops.Dropna() >> ...
processor = nvtabular.Workflow(dropna_features)
transform(col_selector: merlin.dag.selector.ColumnSelector, df: pandas.core.frame.DataFrame)pandas.core.frame.DataFrame[source]

Transform the dataframe by applying this operator to the set of input columns

  • columns (list of str or list of list of str) – The columns to apply this operator to

  • df (Dataframe) – A pandas or cudf dataframe that this operator will work on


Returns a transformed dataframe for this operator

Return type