Merlin Core#

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The Merlin Core library provides the core utilities for NVIDIA Merlin libraries like NVTabular, Transformers4Rec and Merlin Models. For example, the and merin.schema.Schema classes are fundamental for working with data and building recommender systems with Merlin.


Installing Merlin Core Using Pip#

pip install merlin-core

Installing Merlin Core Using Conda#

conda install -c nvidia -c rapidsai -c numba -c conda-forge merlin-core python=3.7 cudatoolkit=11.2

Running Merlin Core with Docker#

As a fundamental library for Merlin, Merlin Core is included in the Merlin Containers.

Refer to the Merlin Containers documentation page for information about the Merlin container names, URLs to the container images on the NVIDIA GPU Cloud catalog, and key Merlin components.

Feedback and Support#

To report bugs or get help, please open an issue on the GitHub repo.