API Documentation

Merlin Dataloader for TensorFlow Constructors

Loader(dataset, batch_size[, shuffle, …])


Merlin Dataloader for TensorFlow Utility Functions

configure_tensorflow([memory_allocation, device])

Control the GPU memory allocation that is performed when using TensorFlow.


Maps from a list of TensorFlow feature_column to two lists.


bool(x) -> bool

Merlin Dataloader for PyTorch Constructors

Loader(dataset, batch_size[, shuffle, …])

DLDataLoader(dataset, batch_size, shuffle, …)

This class is an extension of the torch dataloader.

Merlin Dataloader for JAX Constructors

Loader(dataset, batch_size[, shuffle, …])

Jax dataloader

Merlin Dataloader Base Constructors

LoaderBase(dataset, batch_size[, shuffle, …])

Base class containing common functionality between the PyTorch and TensorFlow dataloaders.

ChunkQueue(dataloader, qsize[, num_parts, …])

This class takes partitions (parts) from an merlin.io.Dataset and concatenates them into a cudf dataframe “chunk.” This chunk is subsequently transformed into its tensor representation using the iterator’s transform.