API Documentation#

Ensemble Graph Constructors#

Ensemble(ops, schema[, label_columns])

Class that represents an entire ensemble consisting of multiple models that run sequentially in tritonserver initiated by an inference request.

Ensemble Operator Constructors#

workflow.TransformWorkflow([workflow, ...])

This operator takes a workflow and turns it into a ensemble operator so that we can execute feature engineering during ensemble on tritonserver.


TensorFlow Model Prediction Operator.

fil.PredictForest(model, input_schema, *[, ...])

Operator for running inference on Forest models.

implicit.PredictImplicit(model[, ...])

Operator for running inference on Implicit models..


Given inputs of ID and prediction, this operator will sort all inputs in descending order.


This operator takes the input column and filters out elements of that column based on the supplied criteria.

unroll_features.UnrollFeatures(item_id_col, ...)

This operator takes a target column and joins the "unroll" columns to the target.

Conversion Functions for Triton Inference Server#

convert_df_to_triton_input(schema, batch[, ...])

Convert a dataframe to a set of Triton inputs

convert_triton_output_to_df(columns, response)

Convert a Triton response to a dataframe